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Consequences of Unethical Behaviour

CASE 3 - Influencing Public Official
Mr X is responsible for the Planning Department of a local authority. He makes recommendations to the Works and Planning Committee as to whether Development Permits should be allocated.
Mega Enterprise, belonging to an overseas business tycoon, sought an application for a development permit to convert an existing building into business premises. Mega Enterprise contacted local councillors to boast about its business project and the good social impacts that it will have for the nearby community. A local councillor Mr Y, was keen to ensure that the application be processed by a fast track procedure and pressed upon Mr X to expedite administrative procedures such that the development permit can be issued at earliest.
The Ministry of Health did not give favourable recommendation for the project and Mr X recommended to the Works and Planning Committee that a development permit should not be issued. A few days later, Mr Y heard about the recommendations made by Mr X. He walked into the office of Mr X, and in loud and threatening tone, uttered the following, “Eta ki qualifications to ena, mo pou casse casse toi, to nek reste dans to biro to pas conner ki bezer ena dehors. Bel l’amerdement to pou gagner are moi, mo conne boucou dimoune dans l’endroit, si to envie garde to travail to faire ene maniere to change to recommendation ek to donne Mega Enterprise so permi.” Mr Y then left grumbling, banging the door behind him. Mr X was in a state of shock and feared for his security and that of his family.