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Consequences of Unethical Behaviour

CASE 5 - Member of the public offering bribe to Public Official in the exercise of his functionions
A member of the public confessed having on three occasions offered the sum of Rs 5000 to the executive officer of the NTA and the latter issued 4 ‘B’ Carrier licences in respect of vehicles belonging to Mr X, Mr Y and Mr Z. These licenses were obtained without Mr X, Mr Y and Mr Z having filed any applications to the NTA as per the proper procedure.
The licences are also not borne on the NTA records. To obtain a ‘B’ Carrier’s License, the owner of a motor vehicle has to fill in an application form. An officer of the licencing section processes the application and forwards it to the Deputy Road Traffic Commissioner for approval. Thereafter, a file is opened in the name of the applicant and the applicant is allotted a licence number.
When Mr X went to the NTA for the renewal of licence and he was informed that there was no file corresponding to his Carrier ‘B’ licence. In the computer records at the NTA registry, no ‘B’ Carrier’s licence have ever been officially issued to Mr Y. The records at the NTA registry also show that Mr Z had never applied to the NTA and the licence in his possession can only be a forged one.
The executive officer admitted having filled, signed and issued the four Private Carriers’ Licences.