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Ethics Online (Under the Aegies of Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms)

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Message from Mr. S.K. Pather, Secretary for Public Service, Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms

Dear Colleagues,

Ethical and principled behaviour are firmly asserting themselves as important pillars to promote patterns of acceptable conducts and practices in to-day’s successful organisations.

As we embark on the transformation of the Public Sector in Mauritius, maintaining and upholding universal principles such as fairness, justice, honesty and more importantly, trust, have become of overriding concern. Such principles, as
Dr Stephen Covey, has put it so beautifully and I quote:

are self evident, self validating……. like natural laws that operate regardless of whether we decide to obey them or not” (Unquote)

It is, therefore, crucial for each and every one of us in the Public Sector to not only have a good understanding of the concept of ethical and professional behaviour but also to fully embrace and practise them so as to inspire trust and confidence in our institutions and, by extension, the public we serve. Because again, as
Dr Covey has said: “A high trust culture becomes the basis for both empowerment and quality”.

I take this opportunity to appeal to my colleagues in Ministries and Departments, to continuously strive to maintain the highest ethical and professional standards in all their operations and within the parameters of the laws of our country and in accordance with the principles of good governance.

In this regard, the Ethics Online Corner will continuously be updated so that it ultimately becomes a powerful platform to enhance integrity management and sustainable ethical culture in the Public Sector.  


S. K. Pather

Secretary for Public Service

Ministry of Civil Service

and Administrative Reforms​

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