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Regulatory Framework

Public officers have the noble task of serving the public with integrity and to the best of their ability. In their day-to-day interfacing with the public, they should always bear in mind that members of the public have a right to expect that their demands/requests are dealt with efficiently and fairly. The public sector has the duty to exercise vigilance and superintendence over its integrity systems.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of public officers to get acquainted with and obey the laws, statutory rules and regulations, long established rules and practices, standards of conduct and best practices in the discharge of his/ her public duties.

1. Legislations
i. Constitution 1968
ii. Official Secrets Act 1972
iii. The Prevention of Corruption Act 2002
iv. Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2002
v. Declaration of Assets Act 1991
vi. Public Procurement Act 2006
2. Regulations & Guidelines
i. Public Service Commission (PSC) Regulations
​ii Human Resource Management Manual (HRMM)
​iii Public Sector Anti Corruption Framework - Guidelines for Officer of Public Bodies